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Styling my bimmer: a 2-year design side project


So in this post, using the power of visual storytelling, I'm going to tell you the story of how I ended up buying and customizing (or designing) my first BMW.

If you’re anything like me, you love bimmers. This car has everything you could want in an Ultimate Driving Machine. It’s fast, exciting, aggressive and it shows some of the most beautiful lines ever folded into metal. Nothing short of pure driving perfection. BMW has a variety of modifications for their lineup and the BMW 4 Series is no exception. After countless hours of research on the internet and polling multiple BMW owners about their favorite modifications, I have compiled a list of mods (in chronological order of installation) that I enjoyed playing with and I can confirm are working so far. It's very rewarding when I see people turning their heads as I pass. Anyways, I hope my story is inspiring and helpful to both the fellow BMW enthusiasts and new BMW drivers. Enjoy!

Visual storytelling is the art of creating a narrative through visuals that engages and empowers your audience.

After 5 years with my Volvo S60, it was time for an upgrade!


Shipping the Volvo to my sister in Miami as a gift

Photo 4 Jan 09, 4 36 22 PM.jpg

After test driving few German car brands, I was really impressed with both, the driving and buying experience I had with BMW


Closing the deal at the dealership with Uno Unenburen


The ride home was just sweet


I was not happy with the stock setting of my BMW 4 Series Coupe —but I found a lot of inspiration and ideas on the internet from blogs and BMW enthusiasts

Entering the world of BMW M Performance Parts & Accessories


Mod #1: M Performance Rear Spoiler | Carbon Fiber

The M Performance Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler is one of the sleekest aesthetically functioning modifications to the 4 Series. The high-quality carbon fiber spoiler intensifies the cars aggressiveness.


After the Installation


Mod #2: M Performance Decals for the rocker panels


After the Installation


Mod #3:

  1. M Performance Front Splitter | Carbon Fiber 

  2. M Performance Black Kidney Grilles | Glossy Black

  3. M Performance Mirror Covers | Carbon Fiber


Before the Installation


After the Installation -a happy customer!


The M Performance Front Splitter was designed to decrease lift in the front of the vehicle and enhance the sporty, aggressive look of the car.


Mod #4: M Performance 20" Dual Spoke 624M Wheel/Tire Set


Before the Installation


After the Installation

Just WOW, what an amazing experience!

Just WOW, what an amazing experience!


Garage Selfie!


I love self service car wash - added a red touch to the nose for a subtle swag


It was time for a complete car detail - Installed Opti-Coat Pro Permanent Ceramic Coating Paint Protection


Added BMW Floor Mats to match the red interior.


BMW recommends using only premium-unleaded fuel


Mod #5: BMW 4-Series Rear Diffuser | Carbon Fiber


After the Installation


Mod #6: M Performance Sports Brake Kit with Brembo Red Calipers


After the Installation


Mod #7:

  1. SunTek Carbon XP Tinting

  2. 3M Matte Vinyl Roof Wrap


After the Installation


Mod #8: M Performance Exhaust System

m-exhaust system-02.jpg

In my opinion, the M Performance Exhaust System is one of the most exciting modifications BMW offers. This modification is what makes driving enthusiasts giddy. The titanium and stainless-steel exhaust system improve the quality of sound and volume of BMW’s powerful motor.

Before the Installation


After the Installation (photo coming soon)

Mod #9: M Performance Side Door Stripes Decals Vinyl Sticker

The BMW M Performance side stripes customize and accentuate the sporty characteristics of the 4 series.

After the Installation


I’m not done yet! This project is still a work in progress… more updates coming soon.

M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel - This BMW M Performance Steering Wheel is an excellent addition for any BMW performance enthusiast. This steering wheel comes standard with Shift Indicator Lights, 0-60mph, Quarter Mile and Lap times, lateral and longitudinal acceleration values and displays Efficient Dynamics data. Pretty cool, right? The genuine Carbon Fiber adds a racing feel and exclusivity. The steering wheel is fully wrapped with Alcantara to provide exceptional grip and comfort for extreme driving situations. The M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel will make an enthusiast love their car more than they already do.

M Performance Suspension - Also known as the coilover suspension, the Performance Suspension significantly gives your BMW a more dynamic, stiffer ride. This modification is best used for track purposes but can be used for a driver who enjoys more of a spirited drive, like myself. The M Performance Suspension even changes the appearance of the car. Lowering the car not only produces a more dynamic driving feel, but also reinforces the car’s aggressive appearance. The height adjustment has a range from 5 mm to 20 mm. If you prefer an even sportier ride, I highly suggest the M Performance Suspension.

BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 - The full-HD wide-angle camera automatically records certain driving situations. The detailed video is also saved automatically. Various sensors on the light-sensitive camera, as well as excellent signal processing, mean the camera is capable of recording high-quality images during the day and at night. The highly sensitive GPS receiver enables recording of the road and speed. The G sensor detects impacts. Ambient movements are detected and analyzed by radar technology. The design of the Advanced Car Eye 2.0 match the BMW vehicle design and therefore looks perfectly at home in the vehicle.

2018-10-06 13.52.07.jpg

So what do you think about my mods so far? Contrary to what some people think, these upgrades are not only for the aesthetics, but also for a better performance and driveability of the car. As a digital designer myself, I wanted to keep it simple and avoid over-styling it. My goal was to strike a good balance between functionality and aesthetics. It's easier said than done, but well worth the effort.

Please, share in the comments section below cool BMW accessories, upgrades, and modifications that you have done on your BMW or are just planning to do.

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